ROBERTO MARELLA S.p.A. has today the structure of a real Group: besides the head office in Roccafranca, there are two associated companies: Metal Group in Cerea (Verona), “homeland” of the Italian-style furniture and Arte Metal Style Polska in Polond, with two owned stores, located in the historic centre of Warsaw and Krakow.
With a range of over 6.000 products and export touching 75%, today, more than 70 Countries all over the world are reached through a close-knit network of exclusive dealers and representatives.

ROBERTO MARELLA S.p.A. offers different services, aimed at developing and strengthening a reliable, well-founded and long-term relationship:
- Development of specially-made models, guaranteeing complete confidentiality
- Research and Development of Custom Finishing
- Customer Care
- Network Distribution
- On-time delivery
- After-sale service


19th April 1989
gave birth to an idea: The handle…the brass…. the classical furniture, the proposal for the world.
ROBERTO MARELLA S.p.A. has been nowadays a company group that represents the history of the handle and of the classical furniture décor since the last 20 years. Roberto Marella, leading role of this history, “life” is the passionate company promoter that, thanks to his experience and entrepreneurial spirit, makes innovations, invests and believes in Research and Development as the key to company success. Today ROBERTO MARELLA S.p.A. represents to him the finish line and the starting point, where passion and working engagement have always played an important role. Thanks to the passion Roberto has transmitted to his sons, Daniele and Sergio, today the company is a successful family-owned company.

Year 2000
it represents the period of the best development. Thanks to the quality product, to the design and to the constant improvement of the commercial process, while the brand has established itself as the main Italian and European manufacturer of handles and furniture accessories, the same has acquired an important world-wide distinction. These years have been characterized by company incorporations or parts of the same, in Italia, Poland, USA, Argentina and Spain, opening thus a way to the entire World.


MARELLA DESIGN Brand was established; Vintage and Luxury are added to the classic collection.


Bravery and new ideas, the Modern handle for the kitchen and bathroom was created. Design and technology with innovative plants and machineries.

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